“The rich-voiced Deanna Dove”, the Washington Post, is best known as the “Island Girl" in her hometown for her compositional writing style about her lifelong experiences being out on the water in a boat. Dove has earned a loyal audience for her ability to craft songs that include elements of rock, pop, blues, alt-country and gospel into a distinctly individual style with a universal appeal. Dove has established her reputation as a powerful, earthy singer, multi-talented guitar playing, beat making, one woman show.

Dove’s debut album, “Chesapeake” was released in May 2003, on her Island Girl Records label. “Chesapeake” has sold over 10,000 albums, thousands of downloads and solidified Deanna as a songwriter. Deanna found that her unmistakably personal spin on “Chesapeake” also drew a universal feeling for others living elsewhere on any body of water. The title track’s rock ballad, “Chesapeake” has been featured as the theme song for the "Voices of the Chesapeake Bay," a Sunday morning radio program produced by Michael Buckley on WRNR 103.1, Annapolis, MD. The track, “Chesapeake” was released on a 2005 compilation disc “Songs of the Chesapeake Bay” where proceeds go toward promoting awareness for protecting the Chesapeake Bay. “Chesapeake” has been featured in hundreds of videos and promotional campaigns as well as Deanna's live performance on Maryland Public Television's 2014 Chesapeake Bay Week. Never losing it’s appeal, “Chesapeake” was the featured music with students from Anne Arundel County's Public School, for their 2018 Chesapeake Bay awareness project.

Dove’s musical development continued when after a month-long musical tour from North Carolina to Florida; Deanna returned home and packed her bags for Nashville to find a mutual musical soul to record her next projects. In January 2007, she met hit-songwriter, producer Billy “Zig” Herzig (“Right from the Start,” Earl Thomas Conley) and began an intense 7 1/2 week long recording project. "I had no idea that I was meeting someone that had the same work ethic as I did, but that's what I found in Zig." "We literally spent almost all of our time day and night in the studio completing these albums." Dove had her agenda and knew she wanted to make 3 albums; revisiting her childhood roots with the gospel album, “Rock of My Roots," recording her favorite Christmas songs that she sung yearly to her fans to complete “Merry Christmas, Dahling!,” and finally but reluctantly, writing ten new original songs, recording with Zig and her acclaimed Nashville band —Justin Schipper (guitar, Josh Turner), Steve Holland & Marshal Richardson (drums, Jo Dee Messina), Chris Autry (bass, Jo Dee Messina) and Zig (b3, mandolin)— to complete the fun and uplifting album that became her 4th entitled “Peace, Love & Crabs.”

One of the tracks from the album, “Lay Down With Dogs” gets its name from a well used phrase Dove heard often from her father. Dove comments about another track “You Guys” that was written to enviously jab at males who grow up having their mothers, or spouse, take care of business for them while they take care of business learning how to play the guitar. “You Guys” was featured on the NBC Today Show in 2011.

Dove has opened for the great blues masters, Eric Bibb and Shemika Copeland. Currently writing and recording her next project, Dove tours and performs as the activist impetus for the most popular yearly events in her hometown in support of public awareness for restoring and preserving the Chesapeake Bay. Dove is a founding member of SoMdCARES, Southern Maryland Citizens Alliance for Renewable Energy Solutions.

Original Song List

Cheshire Grins and Mango Dreams 
Going, Going, Gone (aka Breakfast)
Hard-Headed Man
In The Blue Hour 
Jam Up & Jelly Tight 
Lay Down Wif Dogs
Life if Short (And You’re Dead A Long Time)
Lula J 
Mean Streak
Peace, Love & Crabs
Rivers Flow to the Sea 
Shallow Minded Power Boat Folk
Take Me Back 
Original Sin 
You Guys