Welcome to my island. Come take a trip with me listening to my original songs which recall a slower, more simple life and time on some of the waterways on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, mainly on the Patuxent River in my hometown, Broomes Island, Maryland. My original songs are stories about my life and love on these waterways, beginning with my deeply rooted history as a young crabber and boating enthusiast. My songwriting will stir up plenty of your own memories of being on the water, as I pull you into one of my heart pumping one-woman shows. My rock, blues, country-soul, gospel, and R&B influence my strong and versatile voice that will make your soul's connection. Come on out to one of my shows and get your island on, or stay right here and enjoy your adventure while you watch some of my videos and finish browsing my site. Thank you very kindly for visiting.
~Island Girl

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